How to Play Roulette

Roulette in its simplest form is a game with a little white marble going around a spinning wheel. It can be a pleasant change from the fast-paced 2019 slots you might be used to.  The game is fun, but every punter who enjoys table games knows that it has one of the highest house edges. With a house edge of 5.26%, players are set to lose five times more than they would in games like blackjack or craps.

Place your Roulette Bets

Making a bet in roulette is easy, with some of the best sites paying out big for those willing to bet with a little risk. All you need to do is start off by placing chip(s) on the colour, number(s) or sets you want to bet on. If this is your first time playing, the slang used in the game can be quite confusing. However, some bets are obvious e.g. the Red diamond for Red bets, Even, 1st 12 and 1-18  are written out clearly. Also, the number of bets you make per spin are not limited and you win whenever the ball lands on any of your numbers. If you’re at a lively table, you’ll notice some gamblers play aggressively -tossing their chips all over the layout all on the same spin.

Some even add a bet on an individual number even when they had already place another bet there. If a player bets on #11 while they had also made another bet on 10-12, and #11 wins, they’d win both bets.  If #12 wins, #11 loses. So this means throwing a lot of chips can be rewarding because they usually end up having a lot of chips coming back to them in the end.  This doesn’t affect the house edge. Also, this tactic doesn’t always work as it means you will just end up losing more money faster. 

The fun of Online Roulette

Most casinos allow players to continue making bets even as the ball is spinning.  When it is close to dropping, the dealer waves their hand over the table, which is a signal to mean that “No more bets”  can be placed. When the ball falls into a slot, the dealer calls out the number and colour and places a marker on the winning number to clearly indicate it on the layout.  Then they scoop up all losing bets and shove them towards the dealer area.  Next, payouts will be made by placing the winning chips right next to the original bets.  After all the winning chips are stacked up, she’ll remove the marker and winners are left to then grab any chips won. If you’ve won, you may be tempted to reach for your winnings, but do not do so until the dealer removes the marker. New players often have to be reminded of this. Slots aside, this is one of our favourite alternate games to play at slotsmummy.

Each player has a different set of each chip- different colours so as to avoid any confusion. This is to avoid any confusion that may arise from placing the same bets. The dealer will ask you whether you want to get Inside or Outside before you buy your chips. The nest sneer to that question will be ‘both’. That way, you aren’t boxed in and can always change your mind to one specific area later. The chips here don’t indicate any monetary value. They are just used to differentiate which ones belong to who. When you finish playing, ask the dealer to exchange your chips for denominational chips. If you liked this guide, then you may also be interested in reading our Roulette Bets Explained guide.