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We are a site dedicated to providing you with the newest and best online slot casinos. Not just telling you which slot sites to play online, but also breaking each of our recommendation down into an informative and insightful UK Slot Review. We rank and evaluate each 2018 Slot provider on a range of different aspects that we know are important to players. This includes factors such as general information about the slots website, their slot games & promotional offers, Customer Support, banking, your safety and much more.

We take pride in helping each and every one of our readers find the perfect new slots site for them. Everyone has their own personal preferences that’s why we’ve made the process of finding the right slots site for you one hundred times faster.

How we Review Our Top Slot Sites

As we’ve previously mentioned for us here at SlotsMummy we think it’s critical that we get you all the most important information in the briefest, most effective way possible. That’s why we generally try to follow a similar format through-out each of our online slot reviews. To simplify that even more for you below we’ve listed some of the criteria’s we use to rank each individual online slot provider and discussed a little about each:

General Info:

This is pretty self-explanatory, in the opening part of our best slot reviews online we will talk about some of the basic facts. For example, their ownership, licenses, date of establishment, as well as looking at some slightly different factors such as the overall site design and interface. Considering if the site is easy on the eye and visually pleasing to players. Additionally, registration processes that are long-winded can be a huge annoyance, so we’ll assess how easy it is to sign up at each online video slot website.

Slot Bonuses:

Giving you the ins and outs of each and every slot bonus in the UK. If you’re tired of not being able to understand the numerous terms & conditions found at many top slot sites this is the place to be. We’ll help you assess whether your chosen slot review has a bonus is right for you based on several factors such as the generosity of the bonus as well as factors that affect your ability to cash out the bonus due to things like wagering requirements.

Slot Games Collection:

Probably the most interesting topic to all of you slot lovers. We’ll let you know the size of their online slots collection to let you know how much choice you’re going to get at their site, whether it’s a few hundred or into the thousands. Also, if they’re games are optimised for mobile use is an important factor. Especially with how many of you are all opting to play on mobile slots now. Additionally, it’s important they keep their games fresh by constantly adding new slots to their games list.

Security & Payments:

Undoubtedly security has always been at the top of our list of priorities here at SlotsMummy. One thing you can be sure about all our slots reviews is they’re sites are safe to use. We would never promote an unsafe or unsecure slot website here. But, we do talk about how they implement effect security such as SSL Data Encryption. Moreover, we talk about the variety of their depositing and withdrawal methods. To make sure you have a method suitable for you available.

Customer Services:

We make sure top rated slot sites have exactly what you need when it comes to support. Including their different channels for contact and their hours of availability. You wouldn’t want their support to be closed mid-way through a gaming session of amazing new slot games. Also factors such as if the replies are automated by computer or if you get a friendly human service.

Responsible Gambling on New Slot Websites in 2018

We’ve built a notorious reputation for recommending our readers to the best slot websites out there. So, understandably it can be easy to find yourself wrapped up in the fun of their top slot games. But, when gambling in any type of game, especially slots it’s important to maintain a calm and responsible mindset through-out. As irresponsible gambling on top rated slot games can lead to things such as a lack of social life, financially instability such as debt and even addiction. Here’s a few of our top tips to use when gaming on your most loved slots online.

Ensure you’re playing slot websites with entertainment as the upmost priority. As casino slots is a form of entertainment you should expect to be paying for it. Just like you would with a trip to the bowling alley or a visit to the cinema. If you have this mindset and treat wins as a nice little bonus, then you’re much more likely to be a responsible gambler on 5 star slots.

Set daily/weekly limits for new slot games, this should be an amount you can comfortably afford to lose. It’s critical that once these limits are met you know to stop, as continuing to play 5 star slot games could result in a damaging financial situation. Additionally, when playing slots the biggest mistake people make is chasing their losses. Each spin of the reel on modern slots is a new chance, so you can theoretically lose forever. That’s why you shouldn’t chase losses, in fact it’s better to just take a break from online slot gaming and come back with a refreshed and calm head.