Best Online Slot Sites 2018

Choosing your next slots operator to play at can be tricky business. With so many of them offering a variety of different things. One thing is for sure though, we’re all looking for the best slot websites for us. A fun and friendly environment that’s host to all your favourite online games. There’s so many different things that go into making a top gaming website and each of them have to be up to a high standard. Whatever it may be in life, we all like to have the best things and gambling is no different in that respect. So, read through some of our online slot reviews here at SlotsMummy to find some of our top-rated slot casinos. The only problem you may have is that there’s just so many of them available. But, who doesn’t like having a lot of choice, so look through and find the sites that are most suited to your wants and needs.

But, what do the best online slot websites actually offer that makes them so different and stand out from their competition? Well, it’s easy, just look at thing such as their actual collection of games. Starting of with how much bigger they are and diverse. They may offer more than just slots, with other forms of gambling games including the likes of casino, jackpot, live casino and scratch/instant games. Additionally, the big names in the slot operating market will work with other big names in the development sector. This includes the likes of NetEnt, Eyecon, Microgaming and many more, you probably recognise these from playing on some of the games they’ve created. So, yes this means that at the top rated slots sites you’ll be able to get access to games such as Fluffy Favourites, Finn and the Swirly Spin, Starburst, Immortal Romance and many more.

Additional, things they might offer that are better than other operators may include their bonuses and promotions. Of course, everyone wants a nice big welcome package when signing up. So our top slot sites here will all have some great promotional offers. Not, just for new customers but also for regulars so you’ll have a reason to stay. This doesn’t just include having the biggest sized bonuses in terms of monetary reward. But, also the actual wagering requirements, as poor sites will usually have a good bonus but hidden T&Cs which make it unrealistic to expect much return on them. Well the best sites will have allowed for a lot of reward with fair and clear T&Cs attached. There’s also factors such as customer service to consider, the top sites will offer a fast and effective method of getting assistance. This means that if you do find yourself with any technical issues at the site, such as a payment issue you can get immediate help normally through channels such as a live chat feature or by phone.

How we Assess a Top Online Slot Site

Before you get into reading some of our slot reviews we believe it will be very beneficial for you to know how we operate and what different aspects we value in any operator we review. This will help provide you with a greater insight and understanding on what it is we do here at SlotsMummy. To make it to the shortlist for our exclusive best slot site club each operator has to hit the mark with our set of criteria’s. These include the following different factors such as:

  1. Site Information – A very self-explanatory topic, this one is just to help you get a feel for the casino on offer. Throwing some quick facts at you about the ownership, date of establishment and which territories they have acquired licenses in. Moreover, we’ll give you our opinions on the overall setup of the site. Including things such as the design and interface in place. For example, if they have any stand out design features that capture your attention, as well as how easy their navigation features are, a nice clear navigation menu always helps. Registration process will also get a mention as it can be stressful moving to a new slots website, you want it to be a streamlined and fast process.
  2. Slot Bonuses – During this section of the review we will look at the different selection of promotions available. To be a top ranked site you need a good collection for both new and existing customers. This including generous welcome packages as well as promotions for regulars and potentially even a VIP Club to reward loyalty. One of the biggest factors we will look at closely is the T&Cs associated with each to help us determine how good the bonus really is. For example, those with lower wagering requirements and larger maximum conversions will be the best bonuses.
  3. Gaming Softwares – For this section we will give you the lowdown on their collection of games. Both the size and diversity will be assessed to ensure you’ve got plenty of choice when playing at the best UK Slot websites. Taking a closer look at where their games are coming from, do they work with the most renowned developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and others. We’ll list of some of their most popular games, at the best sites you’ll find these will be titles such as Starburst, Gonzos Quest, Fluffy Favourites and more. But, we know you don’t always want slots, that’s why our best providers will offer alternatives too. Gaming styles such as casino with roulette, blackjack and poker. As well as live casino, jackpots, scratch games and more.
  4. Payment & Security – When signing up and depositing for the first time you want it to be easy. That’s why its important there banking times are fast, this goes for making withdrawals too. Additionally, you want a wide variety of payment options, so you can choose the one best suited to your preferences. When it comes to security we look specifically into the different softwares they use. For example all the top ranked slots sites will have SSL data encryption. This is the best software for storing personal and financial information.
  5. Customer Services – For this we look at the numerous channels available to contact them by. This could be live chat, telephone, email, social media and/or by post. The more variety the better when it comes to providing good customer support. We’ll let you know expected response times and how effective it is at helping you get your problems resolved. Also, noting their operating hours and if they have any additional features such as FAQs to help.
  6. Final Verdict – This will provide a quick summary of the review. Compiling all the main points into one paragraph where we will give our final thoughts and views. Well suggest any recommendations that we think could make the site even better, that’s if we can think of any and then recommend you onto playing the top rated online slot site.

Now you know the ins and outs of what makes a top rated slot website here at Spinathon. So, get reading our online slot site reviews today and find an operator perfect for you and your preferences. Try our review of Wizard Slots who are one of the best slot sites we’ve tested to date.

Finding the best value for money slot website

Whatever it is that you might be interested in spending your money on, chances are you wanted to get the best value for it, that applies to anything in life not just when you’re looking for a casino right. Well, there’s plenty of ways you can do this, especially when joining a new site as you can look at their welcome packages for new customers. To determine if they’ve got a good welcome offer, you’ll need to look at their T&Cs such as the wagering requirement, maximum bonus conversion. Luckily for you, we’ll do this for you in each of our independent slot reviews, saving you a lot of time and effort. So, we’ll let you know where you can find the sites that offer you the best promotions.

But, its not just all about bonuses when it comes to finding the best value for money. Their games collection is another way you can get good value for money. For example, games with a higher RTP will mean in general you will get more money back. So, a slot site that has high RTP games will generally result in you getting back more money than those sites with lower RTP. Although its not all about money, playing some of the best online slot games in the industry can provide a great amount of value to players. As they get to experience playing in high definition graphics or the exciting gameplay. So, you may find playing a top rated slot to be more value to you personally, even if it costs a little extra in terms of its RTP.

Following on from this you may also find it worthwhile to pay more money in deposits for one site if you know they provide a range of high quality services. For example, quality customer services and support when playing is something very valuable to players. Allowing them to get immediate, helpful assistance when they need it, this can save customers a lot of time and stress, making it often a valuable service provided by operators.

The History of the Online Slot Machine

The first origins of any form of slot can be traced all the way back to 1891. Where a man named Charles Fey invented the first automatic pay out slot machine. It featured three reels with a total of 5 symbols including Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Horseshoes and a Liberty Bell. The machine was named Liberty Bell as the highest pay out was from the three bells. The game became hugely popular and other manufacturers began to copy and mass produce the machines as Fey had not applied for a patent.

For many of the future years the machines would all be running mechanically. Individuals would need to pull a lever to start the game which would begin the spinning of the reels. We saw a slight movement away from this in 1964 with the first fully electric slot called Money Honey. However, it still used the pulling lever, this was due to the fact many people believed the manual approach gave the player control of the game, it would have also been too unfamiliar to play without the lever when making such a big leap already into electrical gameplay.

Next, we saw the first real form of a video slot as we know it today, this was in 1976. Manufactured in the US by a company named Fortune Coin. The game was displayed on a 20 inch TV screen, pretty big when you consider you can play mobile slots today. The game gained approval from Nevada’s gaming commission and was used widely across the Las Vegas Strip.

1996 was around the time slots as we know them today began to come around. WMS Industries released a game called Reel Em which was the first to feature a bonus round. When triggered it took you to a second screen to play the bonus. Now, in present time we can see a whole array of different games online featuring this. The online world currently seems to be vastly taking over the old fashioned way of playing in a casino. This only heightened by regulations such as a maximum bet of only £2 in UK Slot machines at Casinos. This of course not applying to the online world though, meaning they have yet another advantage. The largest pay out to date for a slot was to Jay Heywood for over 17 million euros in October 2015 after he staked just 25p on Mega Moolah and won the jackpot prize.

Top Slot FAQs

Here we’ve complied a list of some of the questions a lot of our readers have about visiting the top online slot websites in the UK. So, have a look at a few of the most important questions. As, they might be relevant to you and your current situation, hopefully we can lend a helping hand to ensure you fully understand everything relating to the best online slots out there on the market today.

Can I still play Online Slot Games from my mobile phone?

You can, in fact mobile has now became the most popular method to play online slots globally. With it making up around 75% of a websites total users. This shows the huge shift away from desktop and into mobile, thanks to the convenience and accessibility they offer. Allowing players to have their own portable casino in their pocket at just a touch away.

For any site that we review to be a top performer and ranked as one of our best slot sites it needs to be fully optimised for mobile gaming. With many of their slots being playable on a mobile device. You will find the majority of sites have this already though, as one’s that aren’t playable on mobile simply won’t survive due to such a large proportion of the player base being mobile users. However, things such as mobile Apps, shows how some operators are going above and beyond the bare minimum to provide a quality gaming experience for their players.

Can I win more at the best slots websites?

If you play the same identical game at two different sites, there won’t be a difference in the amount you win. However, where you can benefit from playing top online slot sites is their games collection is usually a lot bigger, filled with games that pay out more frequently. For example, top casinos will usually publish the RTP of each slot they offer. This is the value of money you can expect back based on how much you spend. With this it means you can shop around for the best RTP on games. Additionally, they will often offer a variety of progressive jackpot slots. These have huge jackpots often into the millions, Mega Moolah is a great example of a game with huge payouts. So, if you’re lucky on one of these progressive jackpots you can expect a huge win.

What games can I play at the top-rated slot sites?

All of the top sites will offer a wide variety of different slots, whether this be video, classic or progressive jackpot slots. These sites will often have a collection of a few hundred different slots. Each one unique with its own theme and style of gameplay. So, you’ll have to make your decision on which most suits your preferences. Coming from some of the best iGaming developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Eyecon, Playtech, Betsoft and many more. Here’s some of the current best games that have been a proven hit with slot players around the world including:

  • Thunderstruck II (Microgaming).
  • Twin Spin (NetEnt).
  • Mega Moolah (Microgaming).
  • Sultan’s Fortune (Playtech).

But, the best thing about playing at the top sites online is that they have a lot more than just slots to offer. For example, many of the sites will offer alternatives such as casino styled games like Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. Additionally, they offer instant wins, scratchcard games, bingo and much more.

Responsible Gambling at 5 Star Slot Casinos

Whichever site you might chose to play at today or in the future it’s important you maintain a healthy lifestyle while gambling. This is something we can’t stress enough as here at Slots Mummy we care about all of our players. As you will already know addiction can lead to all sorts of issues, from mental to social and financial. Potentially having hugely negative consequences on your social life due to spending too much time playing slots. Also, if you’re overspending it can put you in a bad financial situation, with the potential of getting into serious debt. Which could then in turn create depression and/or a worsened mental state due to the increase in stress caused by having a large amount of debt.

We want to help ensure that when you are done reading out online slot reviews, and you’ve found the best site for you, that you can enjoy all the games they have to offer in a safe and secure manner. Here’s a few of our top tips to help maintain a healthy gambling lifestyle:

  • Don’t Chase losses.
  • Play only for entertainment.
  • Stick to an affordable Budget.
  • Don’t gamble under influence of drugs/alcohol.