How to become a VIP Slot Player

Now it won’t come as much of a surprise to any of you that the more you spend at best UK slot websites, the more important you become to them. This being obvious as they are a business so want to aim for as much revenue as possible. So, you’ll generally find that each online slots brand will have a VIP scheme, even the newest slot sites. Which will reward players with higher tiers of VIP Status dependant on how much they have deposited.

This usually works within a monthly basis, so you have to hit a certain amount deposited to reach a tier of VIP. This is sometimes presented in a points-based or progress meter system, to provide more visual progression towards each tier. The great thing about modern slot casinos in 2019 now is that they recognise the importance of their casual customers too. So, it’s not just high rollers that can get into the VIP Scheme. The lower tiers can usually be accessed by casual slot players, with some having monthly deposits at around £100 for the lowest tier of VIP.

Benefits of being a VIP player of UK Slots

When you visit all the best slot sites, they’ll all offer a variety of different benefits, remember you can find an array of slot brands when you just click here. So, this is all about picking the one that will be right for you personally. Also, the progression through the different levels of VIP as previously mentioned will see you unlocking more and more benefits. For example, someone holding the lowest value of VIP status will have fewer benefits than those who have the highest. This will have likely been something that was already obvious to you anyway.

Some of the different rewards you can expect from a top casino VIP scheme include:

  • Daily Cashback
  • Bonus Spins
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Birthday Bonuses
  • Account Managers
  • Larger Deposit & Withdrawal limits

One of the key benefits that we’ve just listed is of course none other than the account manager. This provides you with unrivalled customer support. Having someone constantly on standby to offer you assistances whenever is necessary. They’ll be specifically working for your benefit, knowing every intricate detail such as what you like to bet on and when, the different habits you have, a perfectly tailored experience.

Additionally, you’ll be first priority when it comes to things like making a deposit or withdrawal. Normally with larger limits being accepted to fit your needs if you’re a high roller. Not to forget they’ll regularly give you back a percentage of the amount you’ve been playing with. This is usually anywhere from 5 – 15%, so even if you do lose, you’ll get a little back just for playing.


Becoming a VIP slot site player is certainly something everyone should look into doing. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain, as they’re always dishing our lucrative benefits and rewards to VIPs. The support team will treat you like a King and you’ll be handed a load of bonuses. As well as daily cashback on many of your deposits. The list of benefits goes on and on, so if you have the option of becoming a VIP at your favourite site, we’d strongly recommend you going for it. Remember to check out some of our other Article such as this guide on How Live Casino Games work.