Roulette Bets Guide

The game of Roulette is one that can become overwhelming for new players, especially if you’re used to playing top 10 slots. It appears simple on the surface, placing a bet and patiently waiting for the outcome. However, below the surface its not as simple as red or black. There’s a whole range of different bets to be made, all with their own payouts and probabilities that they will happen. So, if you are a new Roulette player, struggling to come to terms with all these options, we’ve simplified things for you. Follow this link to find some new online casinos, but for now here are the different types of bets:

The Straight Up

One of the riskiest bets of all with the lowest probability, but the highest payout of 35:1 if you pull it off. A straight up bet is where you place your chip(s) over one selected number, if the number comes out in the roulette wheel you’ll have won.

Split Bet

Similar to the previous bet, however, this one will cover two numbers rather than just the one. Therefore, doubling the probability and so halving the payout to 17:1. This is still a risky option, with a very high payout.


For this bet you will be betting on three numbers, forming along one horizontal line of the table. An example of this would be a bet placed on numbers one, two and three. The Chip would be placed along the outside line of the street. If you were to win with his combination you would be paid out 11:1.

Corner Bet

This time you’ll be betting on four numbers if you choose this bet when playing Roulette online. This forms a square shaped bet, by betting on each corner of the four numbers, hence the name. With this bet, the pay-out stands at 8:1.


This bet can be simplified down to essentially form two streets in one. As this covers six numbers in total, running horizontally. So, this could be numbers 7 – 12 on the table as an example. Paying out odds of 6:1.

High or Low

Numbers for the lower half of the wheel include 1 through to 18 and for the higher end it’s 19 to 36. This is close enough to a 50/50 bet, the only number that can catch you out is the 0. The payout is therefore 1:1.

Red or Black

Pretty self-explanatory, a similar bet to the previous one, this time based on the colour landed on. You will get a payout at the odds of 1:1 for this bet. This is one of our favourite bets here at Slotsmummy.

Odd or Even

Bet on the number landed on being either odd or even. Place the chip on the area that says odd or even depending on which you are going with. Payout rate again stands at 1:1.

Dozen Bets

This one allows you to select reigns of the table, divided into thirds. Betting areas for this bet are from 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. Each bet paying out at a odds of 2:1.

Column Bets

Identical to Dozen bets in the way they are played, covering 1/3 of the table, paying out at 2:1. Except they cover a specific column of the table. So the chip would be placed above one, two or three and cover all the numbers appearing below them in the column.