Slot Machine Stakes Reduced To £2 Limit

Previously you’d be able to enter a Casino or anywhere with one of these fun and exciting betting machines available and stake with however much was possible on that certain machine. Well, that will no longer be a reality. As the UK Gambling Commission and Government have implemented a new law to implement a maximum stake on these fruit machines. This wasn’t a light-hearted decision either, with £1.8 billion being generated from these machines each year in revenue for the gambling sector. With the Government claiming a sizeable chunk in taxes. If you do go looking for some casino slots online, then check out our best slot sites to make sure you find a brand that operators with fair-play in mind. Read more updates about this article at Slotsmummy.

Impact On Slot Gamblers

Surely this change can only be a positive right? We’d like to think so, as it certainly reduces the number of high stakes using these to potentially throw away thousands of pounds. After all, these are supposed to be about fun and entertainment. Surely £2 is enough to keep it entertaining without risking your livelihood. Even the most recent slots sites on the business are seriously abiding by this rule. So, we hope that this new law being implemented by the Government will have a positive effect and help reduce the number of gamblers spending more than they can afford. It’s not like the gambling industry won’t be able to absorb a little loss from just one of many of their sources of income. Especially since according to the UK Gambling Commission the Gambling Profits have almost doubled in 10 years to £13.7 billion.

Alternatively, as we see in many different industries and even in real life if you place a restriction on people that doesn’t mean they will want to stop doing it. There’s plenty of alternative options and routes that people can go down if they want to risk more of their money. For example, the online slot market offers the exact same service just on the internet. You can play an array of the best slot sites, playing many different fruit machine games online. This is a market that has not faced any restrictions on betting limits. So, gamblers can simply find new slot sites and make deposits there to continue their gaming experience without having to be restricted by limits.

This could actually create a bigger problem due to the competitive nature of the online slots market. With many gambling operators fighting for customers. Offering out lucrative bonuses that often conceal high wagering requirements.

Final Verdict

The effects of this new UK Slot machine restriction is yet to be seen. We believe it could go one of two ways. Either encouraging responsible gambling and having a positive effect on the numbers of problem gamblers. Or simply provide an incentive for gamblers to venture to the world of online gambling, where they are free from limits. Allowing them to probably spend even more time and money on the latest slot site games.