Top Casino Site 32Red Fined £2M For Encouraging Problem Gambler

One of the top rated casino slots sites in the online gambling industry has just been handed a £2M fine from the Gambling Commission. Following Failures to actively protect a problem gambler. Not only did they lack a sense of responsibility and duty of care to the player, but they also encouraged further spending. Upgrading the individual to the highest VIP Status at the site. An investigation from the Gambling Commission found 22 incidents where consumer behaviour should have signalled them as a potential problem gambler. Get updated news about this article at slotsmummy.

The organisation allowed this particular customer to deposit £758,000 between 2014 and 2017. There were no social responsibility or money laundering checks done on this individual. Rather than offering help and advice, they handed out free bonus especially on their recent slots with the hope for further play and further deposits. Moreover, a failure to check if the customer was able to afford the amount they spent. With an average of £45,000 per month being deposited despite earning only a little over two thousand a month in wages.

Moving Forward

It may be that this is a simple teething issue from the new firm Kindred taking over 32Red. They spent £175.6m buying the organisation so we’re sure they take this very seriously. There statement released highlighted new behaviour monitoring systems but conceded “work remains to be done”. To us, this shows 32Red actually showing themselves to be responsible operators. They recognise the mistake they’ve made and are committed to making the adjustments necessary.

Personally, we don’t think this will be a reoccurrence with the organisation at all. They recognise where they’ve gone wrong and now say they are fully committed to ensuring customers can enjoy gambling in a secure and safe environment. After all, we all make mistakes right? So, let’s give them another chance, after all, they have some great slot and casino games for everyone to play and enjoy.

Following on from these events we can already see some immediate changes, on the 27th October 32Red will be partnering with Middlesbrough FC to deliver responsible gambling messages during the football fixture against Derby County. As part of the supportive pledge, 32Red agreed to donate all match-day advertising space to deliver the responsible gambling message to the audience.

The Future of 32Red’s Online Casino

This was certainly a set back for Kindred the owners of 32Red, but we feel they will come out on the other end better from this experience. Having learnt from their wrongdoings and becoming a more responsible business providing the safest possible gaming environment. We personally love the casino service that they provide, truly one of the best in the business. So, go try it out today for yourself.