World’s Weirdest Casinos

There are the most popular casino slots in the world and then there are the weird ones which few punters know about. Most of the casinos in this list either operate differently or are located in the weirdest of places. From those 40,000 feet high to others in the deepest and darkest of places. Find out where the world’s weirdest casinos in this SlotsMummy list.

Macau Palace, Macau

The Macau Palace was located in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of Macau and although it was closed, it’s still worthy to appear on this list. It was a two-storey venue nicknamed the ‘Pirate Boat’ because it actually looks like one. The casino became famous when it appeared in the 1974 James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. Check out recently known online slots sites here.

When it was closed in 2007 it got towed away. Punters were left to wonder whether it got destroyed, moved or just set free onto the high seas probably floating somewhere.

X-Train, Las Vegas

X-Train sounds like an action movie, but it’s actually a casino. It’s more than a casino- it’s a mobile casino that operates on a freaking train. Although the concept sounded incredibly amazing, plans to actualize it went slow. The plan for X-train was to transport gamblers to gambling destinations and have them have fun while at it.

Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

If the name Resorts World sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one of the biggest casino brand names in the world. Resorts World Genting is nestled among the Pahang mountains in Malaysia. It was constructed 6,000 metres above sea level. It is quite tricky to get to, but if you can bear the journey then you’ll be in for a surprise. The views are breathtaking- serving you a front seat to an episode on Nat Geo. A 150-million-year-old rainforest sits right at the foot of the mountains.

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

This casino is the definition of remoteness. Desert Cave Hotel is located 850km from the city of Adelaide. It provides a unique gambling experience in a space that’s literally carved out of the rocky desert landscape. Guests here play on the 16 poker machines located under the desert.

Casino Jet Lounge

This beautiful creation is from Designescence and Airjet Designs. It’s a passenger jet that operates as a fully functioning casino. The premise behind it is helping passengers re-kindle the golden age of air travel. Amenities include a bar, free space to move around and gaming tables. Be careful though, once you fly Casino Jet Lounge, you will never look at normal airlines the same.

Bally’s, Las Vegas

Bally’s is considered a Las Vegas landmark and is known as being haunted. It’s not uncommon to hear about ghosts appearing in stairwells and hallways. However, it’s expected considering it was the scene of a fire in 1980. 87 people lost their lives.

Have you been to any weird casinos? You may consider investing in a trip to one of these destinations, just so you can get a different taste of gambling.