Bitcoin Slot Payments

Cryptocurrency is a new payment type, which has become a global trend in recent years, being accepted by many new video slot sites. With the likes of BitCoin being the most dominant force, becoming the most used and accepted Cryptocurrency. The idea for this payment type was to create a digital transaction service that was designed specifically for digital transactions.

Therefore optimising the payment by bringing factors such as instant payments, no transaction fees, high security and more. This is what has made them so successful in such a short space of time with thousands of people using the platform. With more and more businesses gradually starting to accept it as a real currency. Click on this link to see some top casinos you may be able to use Bitcoin at.

Claim Slot Funds with Bitcoins

The issue with Cryptocurrencies being such a new form of payment method is it hasn’t yet fully deserved the recognition it deserves. Therefore, it will be a slight bit more challenging to find a casino that is willing to accept it. However, there’s certainly plenty out there so don’t let this dishearten you. You can find them here at Slots Mummy in our online UK slots reviews. Make sure you check their licensing too, ensuring that you’re getting what you paid for, fun, reliable and fair games.

Once, you have selected a brand and registered with them, followed up by selecting BitCoin as your payment. Select the amount you wish to deposit and log in to your mobile or desktop bitcoin wallet. Make sure you opt into any bonuses and meet the minimum/maximum deposit requirements. Then enjoy any of the casino’s wide variety of the best real money slot games. If you hit the jackpot on any of their games or rack up some nice wins and want to withdraw, that is also made possible through BitCoin

Advantages/Disadvantages of this Deposit Method

As with any service, there are certain limitations and benefits to using Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. So, before you decide to use this as your preferred payment type, get a better understanding of the service as a whole.


  • Instant Transactions; no banks involved meaning no long waiting times for them to process payments.
  • Universal Currency; holds the same value for international payments.
  • Privacy; payments can be made without revealing any of your personal information.
  • Free Transactions; Bitcoin do not have any hidden fee’s for making a payment.
  • Security; various different advanced account security protocols in place to protect users.


  • Availability; Not a widely accepted form of payment at UK slot sites in comparison to the likes of PayPal.
  • Price Fluctuations; Crypto’s like Bitcoin are heavily unstable in their price. So, holding onto them for too long could cause them to crash and you lose a lot of money. Alternatively, their value could go up, but that is a risk you’d have to take.

Cryptocurrency use in Online Gaming

All in all, there are plenty of advantages to using this form of payment, with a few drawbacks. The positives likely outweigh the negatives. There just remains one main issue with payments like Bitcoin and that is their instability to hold one value. Their price is always changing for better or worse, so it’s up to you if you want to take that risk and reap the benefits Cryptocurrencies can provide.