Paysafe Card Slot Deposits

This is certainly one of the most unique forms of payments for sites such as those found here. For a number of different reasons, it’s a mixture of online and offline payment, as well as it being a pre-paid form of deposit. The pre-paid aspect, therefore, allows players to control the amount they wish to play with. Whilst also preventing any worries of spending more than they can afford to lose at these top online slot websites.

Claiming Slot Site Funds with Paysafe

It’s a fairly easy to complete process, so even if you’re new to slots then this is still a strong option. It works by incorporating offline and online payments. For example, you have to, first of all, find a physical retailer of the Paysafe Card and proceed to buy a 16-digit pin. Then when you find the casino you would like to play online, sign up and get ready to deposit. Insert your requirement amount to deposit with Paysafe and then confirm the transaction to start playing.

Benefits of using Paysafe

As with any service you may decide to use, you want to maximise the number of benefits you can get from using it. Whilst also managing the limitations or drawbacks that using it may present. So, let us make that easier for you and give you a short list on why we think this is one of the best casino payments of 2018:

  • Security benefits; as you aren’t required to provide card details. You can buy a Paysafe Card with cash.
  • Low risk of overspending; as you can only spend the amount on the card. So, if you only put on the amount you can afford to lose it should lead to more responsible gambling.
  • Fast and user-friendly process.
  • Easily available to everyone, just need to visit a retailer to purchase.

This isn’t everything either, we’re sure you’ll pick up on loads more cool features if you chose to use this payment. However, there are also a few limitations worth noting as it might result in you looking for an alternative. For example, if the balance of the card is not spent after a year, a £3 deduction will be taken. If you wish to take the money off your card without spending it online there is also a £6 fee. Although, remember there are no transaction fees, so you will only be charged if you’re not spending the money on your card, which will only apply to the small minority.

Furthermore, withdrawals will have to be made to a separate payment method. Such as your debit card, Paypal or another accepted withdrawal method. However, to combat this you can register an online account with Paysafe, like your bank account and withdraw directly to that.

Our View of Paysafe

All in all, this is a great payment method for everyone, whether you’re new to gambling or a regular. It allows you to deposit safe and responsible amounts at a time. When the funds are gone they’re literally gone so you won’t be able to overspend like you would on a credit card. Additionally, you have the added benefit of not having to provide your banking card details to casinos by using Paysafe Card. Plus loads more added benefits and features, so find a Paysafe Casino here at Slots mummy and make your first deposit today.