Trustly Slot Site Payments

Making a deposit at any of your favourite UK slot sites has never been easier or more secure with Trustly. Their main purpose is to provide an additional layer of security for players. Ensuring you can have a safe and secure gambling experience online. For new UK slot players, they work with a wide variety of banks to process online payments. Some of these banks include the likes of; Lloyds, Barclays, NatWest and more.

There are loads of smaller banks that they work with too, these are just some of the big ones. Their transactions remove the necessity to share sensitive banking information to online casinos. Even Trustly themselves do not store any of this data, meaning it can never be stolen from them. Therefore increasing the security benefits to an even bigger scale.

Depositing at UK Slot Brands

First of all, you need to find one of the latest slot sites that are accepting Trustly. This shouldn’t be too hard as there’s plenty of them, and you can easily find them here at Slots mummy when you access our long list of slot reviews. Next, you’ll need to register and head to the cashier, where you’ll select Trustly as your preferred payment.

Next, you’ll be prompted to select a country, bank provider and the specific amount you want to deposit. You will then be asked to provide bank login details. Remember, this is not something stored by Trustly, so it’s at no risk of becoming compromised. You will then be sent verification in form of a pin, which when entered will show your bank number ready for you to confirm the deposit. Your funds will then be credited to your account and you can play casino games online instantly.

Why Choose Trustly?

With such a diverse and varied selection of online payment methods on the market today, it can be hard to find the right one for you. That’s why you need to account for all the benefits and limitations and how they will affect you. If you don’t care about added security, we don’t know why you wouldn’t but if that is the case then maybe Trustly isn’t the best for you. Anyway, here are a few of the main benefits behind using this form of payment provider:

  • Fast and simple payments made easy
  • No sensitive data revealed or stored by external companies
  • Trustly do not charge any fees
  • No restrictions governing promotions/bonuses when using Trustly

You may also find some things that you don’t like as much. For example, some people find that it takes slightly longer as you have to go through the added processes in place by Trustly to enhance the security of the transaction. In contrast to simply placing your card details in if using a regular debit card payment for example.

Our Verdict

The choice to use Trustly all comes down to how much of importance you personally place on security. As there are few if any at all banking providers that offer a safer service than what Trustly can provide you with the high quality of security that they do. There’s a wide variety of online slot websites out there that will accept Trustly too. Just find one from our list of slot reviews, deposit and play with ease today.