How to use Casino Support

We’ve all been there before, stuck at a certain so-called 5-star rated slot website with a particular problem that you need resolving fast. The great thing about many of the best real money casinos is they offer a variety of customer service options. Meaning you can get the help and support you need within a matter of seconds. With modern slot casinos in 2019 being able to get this support to you so fast it means you can get back to what you love, gaming, and in little to no time at all. Below we will run through some of the common practices used by 5 star Casino sites to provide support services.

Gambling Live Support

This is undoubtedly the most common form of contact used. Nearly every casino site will have live support. With many being operated 24/7 and others for around 16 hours a day (from the early hours of the morning till around midnight). It is such a popular option for players to use as you can get responses as fast as 30 seconds to one minute. Also, the help is very tailored and specific to your needs as you can go back and forth with the customer service agent quickly to describe the issue and find a resolution.

E-Mail the Casino

Again this is another service that you will find at just about all UK Casinos. It’s also a very easy method to use that everyone is already familiar with. Whilst it may be lacking in speed, with the average reply at around one hour, but never later than one business day usually. It can still be a more convenient option for many. For example, if you needed to go out at the time of the problem, you can quickly send an Email and check the response when you’re back and ready to game again.


This will, put you into a direct line of contact with a real support agent. However, it is not yet provided by some of the newer casinos of 2019. You will generally find that only the more established and top-rated brands are offering this. Due to its cost to the business, meaning many new casinos just starting up can’t account for these costs.

Read the Casinos FAQs

This is one of the support methods often provided that doesn’t actually involve contacting anyone. However, it can often prove to be the most useful and fastest form of getting your issue resolved. So, we would highly recommend that everyone tries this if their chosen casino has an FAQ page available.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there’s plenty of different routes to go down and any good casino site will offer at least a few of these. So, there really shouldn’t be anyone unable to get the relevant help that they need and deserve. If this is something of high importance to you, then in any of our independent casino reviews, you can find a section exclusively based on support. Our reviews can be found by clicking here. Giving you all the quick details on that particular brand’s support. If you enjoyed reading this Article, then you may also want to take a look at – What is a Pay by Mobile Casino, another one of our latest casino guides that you can read more about today.