What is a Pay by Mobile casino?

With the evolution of tech and the times, consumers want to access things fast and easy, always on the lookout for the latest slot site online. No better place to do that than online. Casinos want to make sure gamblers have it easy when it comes to getting hence the invention of these casinos. Pay by mobile casino is an easy way to add money to your online account so as to access the world’s top online slot site games. When you play on your mobile, you get an extra advantage – being able to deposit money directly through your phone bill. This is all done in a few clicks. No long wait times, just plenty of bonuses awaiting you. Find out more below.

What exactly is a Mobile Casino?

It is one which allows players to make deposits using their phone bill. Instead of money coming out of your account, it is added to your monthly phone bill instead or subtracted from your phone’s credit using payment providers such as Zimpler. This makes it extremely convenient. Money added to your account becomes available to use instantly.

How to use Pay by Mobile?

If it sounds confusing, don’t you worry because it is not. The process is incredibly simple – just use your credit card and/or debit card. Start off with heading to the banking section of the casino site (all this while using a mobile) and then click on the pay by mobile option. You will then be asked to enter your phone number together with the amount of money you want to deposit. Not to worry, most casino sites guarantee their customer 100% safety.

Once you confirm your deposit, you will receive a text shortly after. Click the link in the text so as to finalise the transaction. Once that’s been done, the money becomes ready to spend on your favourite slot and table games. If you want to make a withdrawal, you’ll need to use a different method because you won’t be allowed to credit funds back onto your mobile phone bill. However, there are other different withdrawal options available.

Advantages of using Mobile Payments

The biggest advantage we found here at Slotsmummy when using pay by mobile casinos is the convenience they bring. It can be annoying to always be digging out your debit card while on the go or logging into your e-wallet account. Pay by mobile gets rid yourself of the hassle and makes everything available instantly.

Another advantage is the fact that you can wait until the month ends to pay your phone bill. You don’t have to panic about making a deposit right away.

The security of it all is also a huge plus. The play by mobile platform is one of the safest ways to deposit money. Credit/debit cards are known to be used fraudulently while e-wallets can easily be hacked. When you pay using mobile, there’s no way to hack it because whoever wants to try will need your phone in their hand when they do.

Lastly, this form of payment incurs you fewer fees as opposed to other depositing options like e-wallets.

Do you have to pay by mobile? Not really, but it sure would provide you with a lot of advantages if you were to decide to do so. Where can you find a pay by mobile casino? Anywhere online. Hundreds of them offer this option nowadays. You will get a chance to claim great bonuses including one right after you make your first deposit. Look it up on your preferred casino site and see what fun freebies await you. If you liked this then go and read our article on How to Play Roulette.