Best Mobile Slot Site Games To Play 

Mobile slot games are the ultimate option when it comes to convenience and easy of play. Playing on a mobile or tablet device gives the player complete freedom in playing at anytime, anywhere they like. It also means they can start and stop whenever they want with no time restrictions, making it perfect for playing the best slot sites. The quality of play has also reached a staged that matches, if not outweighs that of the land based casino slots. There are hundreds of thousands of options for mobile slot games to play out there, all ready and waiting at just the tip of your fingers. 

It’s hard to know which ones will be a complete dud and devour all of your hard earned cash without a chance at a prize. Or which ones you should give a chance and will reward your courage to payout big. But don’t fret; it’s not a problem! We’ve done all the hard work for you and researched extensively, comparing quality and odds to decide on the two best mobile slot games you should play.

Medusa Megaways

It’s a tough decision to pick the number one mobile slot game to play, but Medusa Megaways rightfully earned that title as one of the best slots online. It’s the best in every category, from graphics and audio, to game play and rewards. Normally revamps of originals can be the poor mans version. Their lack of originality can make for boring playing and they never seem to live up to expectation. But thankfully this isn’t the case with this top rated slot game.  It’s an upgraded 2.0 with film like imagery and sharp sound quality.

The 6 reels keep players endlessly occupied and provide give over 115,000 possibilities that a player can win with! They’ve even added in special features like multipliers on free spins and buy a bonus giving players additional freedom to take luck into their own hands. But the cherry on top has to be the RTP. At an incredible 97.63%, it’s one of the highest there is and exactly the reason why we say it’s the best mobile slot game you can play.

Red Diamond Slots

Red Diamond Slots is undoubtedly one of the best mobile slot games you can play purely for the imagery and classic theme alone. Once you start, nostalgia will kick in and you will instantly recognise the iconic 7 symbols that transport you back to playing the original fruity machines down your local pub. It uses 5 reels and starts players on a basic gameplay option. But as you continue, you can unlock higher levels and bonuses as you win, giving a real feel of strategy.  Our favourite bit about this game though is the ability to earn bonus rewards if a chest appears on the screen. The chest can give players a chance to win a jackpot prize even if they lost that particular spin! It’s with opportunities like that to win that earns Red Diamonds Slots is title of one of the best mobile slot games to play.