Best Slots to Play in 2019

The type of slot game you play can really determine your enjoyment and payout. So in this article, we thought we’d go over the best slot sites games you need to watch out for in 2019. We’ve trawled through the internet to help you find the perfect slot machine to help you win big time!

Mega Pyramid Slot

Treat yourself to a game fit for Egyptian Gods, this 2019 game Mega Pyramid slot is a classic Egyptian themed slot machine made by Red Tiger Gaming. We know what you’re thinking, there’s already a lot of Egyptian themed slots out there on the internet these days, why do we need another one. Well let us tell you, this is the only Egyptian slot machine game you’ll be needing. Mega Pyramid features classic gameplay perfect for everyone’s enjoyment.

Dead or Alive II

This game came out in April 2019 and is potentially one of the best slot machine games to come out this year. This is the second instalment from the popular slot machine series Dead or Alive. What is brilliant about the Dead or Alive series is that you’re always guaranteed to get gameplay with excellent graphics and an awesome soundtrack, and this instalment is no different – we loved every second of the gameplay here at Slots Mummy. We definitely think this is a perfect and classic slot machine game which you’ll be playing for years.

Vikings Slot

If you’re in the mood for a slot machine offering something a bit different. You should definitely check out Netent’s Vikings which we think is a great slot machine for 2019. Inspired by the hit TV show Vikings, you’ll be able to play your slots like a warrior on a quest to find the best jackpot.


Ukiyo-e, developed by Ganapati, has been out since January 2018 but that doesn’t mean we can’t feature it on this list. Having already been around for a year or so Ukiyo has already proved itself in the slot machine industry, with many players flocking to the game every day. Perhaps the best thing about this game is the gorgeous Japanese inspired art, which allows you to enjoy your usual game in a beautiful setting

Snake Slot Game

We know what you’re thinking… The Nokia mobile phone game was a legend. Unfortunately, this slot machine isn’t that great classic, but this Snake is just as good. You’ll find this futuristic styled game Snake is made exclusively be Sky Vegan and works on a 7×7 grid, very original for a slot machine. Snake is an intensely action-packed game great for those who like some added entertainment when playing! What is even better about this game is you’ll be in with the chance of winning a maximum of 1,400.000 credits for just one spin!